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Single Page Slideshows


  1. Download from the ActionMarket

  2. Put in wiki/data/plugin/action directory


Running the slideshow



#content {
   background: url(../img/nice_background.png);

Future Ideas, Suggestions

Stylesheet: proj-starshine.css
Refresh: 30 # auto running slideshows :)


Revision 1.2

I really like this SlideShow, it's just what I always wanted. I fixed few things, and made many other small improvements and refactoring to make the code simpler. I also create a projection.css that work with the new named elements in the slide show, and is part of my new "technical" theme.

Major changes:

Get the whole package here: SlideShow.tar.gz

Both are not finished but can be fun to play with, and of course you (the reader) is invited to share and improve. :)

Revision 1.3



The code stil require the technical theme, which is included in the package.

Download: SlideShow-03.tar.gz

Test the code now here on my wiki running the latest version of the action and the 'techical' theme:


The java script code was simplified and corrected, but still the space key is not handled correctly in Firefox - on long pages, the page first scroll to the bottom and only then move to next page.

There is another problems with the space key and numbers - if you handle those keys, the user can't use them for other purposes. For example, if you want to include a search box in a slide, and demonstrate a search, you will not be able to use the space or the 1 key. The first click on one of them will take you to another page.

I'm not sure how much interactive slides are useful, but it is interesting idea. If we can make it possible and still have an easy to use interface, I think its better.

To fix this situation, I'm using those keys:

Hotkeys reference:

Right to left support

When you watch a slide show with Hebrew selected as your user interface language, the arrows direction is switched, the left arrow will go forward, and right arrow go back. It make sense because the navigation links also switch direction.

Anything that point to some place in the page will not work from a slide, e.g #UpThere, because only one slide is parsed.

Fix: needed?

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