Although we do our best to ensure that our wiki content is valuable, the documents within it have not undergone our rigorous Quality Assurance process.

Often, documents that are intended to become briefing notes on our website start life in the wiki. This page records which briefing notes are currently in production. It also records the briefing document that each OSS Watch team member is likely to write next. Finally, it records proposed briefing notes so that there is a pot of suggestions ready to be allocated once a document has been finished.

Assigned Documents

This section records all the document that have been assigned regardless of whether they are being developed in the wiki or using other workflows. The allocated date allows us to keep track of how long it is since the document was assigned to the author. The deadline is the latest agreed date for circulation of a polished draft for team review. The "To Elizabeth" deadline is the date that the doc needs to be with Elizabeth for editing in order to make the deadline for team review.





To Elizabeth




Total Cost of Ownership


Video doc

Doc pulling together video material to illustrate key points of our advice

Jan 2012


Sustainability advice

Extracting generic text and advice from the 7 sustainability case studies

April 2011

1 June

15 June

Team to help by each reading one case study and identifying one or two salient points

Pending Documents

These docs have been agreed as the next document for each author. Work will only start on the next doc once the assigned doc has been finished. From August 2010 all documents will need to relate to the support plan (authors will need to demonstrate relevance, GH to decide priorities in relation to the support plan).







Proposed Documents

At each month's review day any author can request that their current pending doc be replaced with a proposed doc. This is a way for us to respond to new demand or changing priorities for a specific doc. Team members can suggest proposed documents at each review day but GH will determine whether they are necessary for the support plan. Only documents that relate to the support plan will make it onto this list.

Potential author





Open source in your IT strategy

Extracting key points from mindmap

What is a Fork?


Additional consultancy services OSS Watch can provide

Should go into 'about us' page


Eclipse foundation doc


A week in the life of an OS project


Do I need a foundation?

Short doc simply outlining pros and cons of using a foundation for your project


We have simplified the workflow so that the two content editors can work in a more coordinated way. These are the rules:

Note: where we say 'each team member' we means those team members who are charges with producing briefing notes

At each review day (ie monthly) we discuss:

Ideally, a document should be developed in the wiki. Deal directly with Elizabeth, who will help you get it to a stage where it is ready to be considered as a briefing note. Since all documents should be seen by a content editor before being considered ready to become a briefing note we no longer need to worry about whether a document is nominated, a candidate etc.

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