This is an attempt to define a workflow for engaging with an OSS Watch StrategicProject (OSS Watch-relevant educational initiatives that are willing to adopt open development and are likely to become models for others). This document builds on Ross's earlier Project Support Plan (

Project Support stages

Candidate strategic project

At this stage a number of projects are monitored and initial consultation(s) are set up in order to better understand their specific contexts. Their sustainability potential is assessed against a set of criteria [to be derived from the Software Sustainability bid]. A project from this pool of candidates meeting the basic sustainability criteria can be proposed for the next support stage by a team member, who upon validation by the OSS Watch team, becomes its OSS Watch liaison (advisor?)(mentor?) and is responsible for working with it.

Key activities

Developing strategic project

At this stage the advisers take part in the daily lives of the selected projects as if they were de facto members of the project teams.

Key activities

Mature strategic project

At this stage projects have, or a close to, become self-sustainable. The efforts of the OSS Watch advisors focus on reaping the rewards of having engaged with the project for a certain amount of time. The main activities involve producing outputs documenting the experience acquired, and making these available to various OSS Watch audiences and educational stakeholders.

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