FreeMind is a mind-mapping software tool written in Java. If you've never experienced mind-mapping as an organisational and planning technique, then this will come as a shock to you. It is very easy to use, and remarkably powerful for managers and others trying to grapple with difficult concepts (visually). But there are probably no limits to the different uses to which it might be put.

FreeMind is released under the GNU General Public License. As it is written in Java it is operating system independent. It works just as well in Windows as in Linux.


Are you using FreeMind in a UK college or university? Add your use stories here.

If you are using the platform independent version in Linux, you may want to run it from the command line using: ./ However, for this to work, don't forget to chmod 755 the file first. -- RandyMetcalfe 2006-10-16 15:22:44

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