Our website contains a number of frequently asked questions, this wiki page includes further questions which are not yet complete.

Note, this page sometimes contains questions that we've not had time to forumlate an answer for. If you came here looking for the answer, or have another question just drop us a mailto:info@oss-watch.ac.uk mail and we'll get back to you quickly and easily.

Can you recommend some software?

We do not recommend software but we will help you evaluate software. The reason for this is that it is not practical for us to have a full and in-depth understanding of all the open source tools available, neither can we invest the time required to fully understand your specific needs. What we can do is help you evaluate the viability of a given open source solution in your specific circumstances. That is we will help you understand what support options are available, we can help evaluate the sustainability of the project and we can help plan your engagement with the project and support providers.

Can you help us with procurement?

Yes. One of our objectives is to help people make an informed decision when considering open source software. We are non-advocacy and do not sell software solutions, therefore we are in a position to help you understand the pros and cons of various approaches to software development and software projects regardless of their licensing conditions.

What licence should I release my software under?

This is not a question that can be answered easily. It depends on a great deal of variables. However, we can help you make a decision about the most appropriate licence for your project. We do this by sitting down with key stakeholders and understanding your circumstances and objectives. We will then outline the options you have available and highlight the differences between them.

How do I find open source solutions?

Full answer coming, but a good start is http;//www.osalt.com

Are open source licences enforceable?

Full answer coming soon, but a good start is LicenceEnforceability

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