Proposal for OSS Watch front page

Currently, I feel the front page does not really lead a visitor into the available content. There is a single entry buried in a multi-level list:

As use of the Wiki is developing, it is possible to discern a number of topic areas emerging. I think it would be useful to link to index pages for these directly from the front page. I therefore propose a "contributions" sub-section on the front page, along the lines of that below. (The list is just a first attempt to broadly classify the content, to help lead a reader to different areas and to suggest topics for inclusion. Clearly, it is not exhaustive.)

Also, I think it is a bit misleading to say "to add a link to the page(s) you have created", as typical wiki usage (in my experience) has the link created first, then the page content.

1. Contributions

-- GrahamKlyne 2005-12-10 09:24:44

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