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I am a member of the Image Bioinformatics Research Group in the Zoology department at Oxford University, and administrator for the BioImage wiki and associated networked collaboration facilities.

I also was for a while a member of the Research Technologies Service in Computing Services at Oxford University (OUCS), working on applications of web technologies to Virtual research environments (VREs).

Outside the University, I am doing embedded web software development for a commercial startup company, applying Internet, Web and open source technologies to coordination of home- and building-control systems.


(These pages and links exist solely to assist my work with this wiki.)

Work in progress

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Some of these attachments are presentations created using W3C "slidy" system (e.g. see [WWW] for both demo and explanation). The slides consist of an HTML file containing the main content, plus a number of css and js files. I've slightly modified the css from the W3C copy (removed their logo!), and set things up so the slides refer to the templates via relative path "../slidy/...", based on the directory layout in the attached ZIP files. Thus it should be possible to unzip these into an empty directory, and open the HTML file in a browser with Javascript support enabled. Similarly in a web site directory to make them available for direct HTTP viewing.

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