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Very few IT systems work out of the box when delivered and require no changes over the years of their use. As a developer, you will be one of a team that invests a great deal of time in tailoring and supporting any widely used application within your organisation. You are no doubt aware that if this investment is made in an open source software system, you will be able to make changes in a public forum, where other developers may check your work, improve it and increase the effectiveness of your local team. This document highlights some other key points about open source that may help to shape your IT strategy.

Community Open source is about so much more than code. - openness is key to community * access to and from a broad range of participants is required for open innovation - feedback to community makes project healthy and applicable (relevant?) - educational (?) - time-saving, effort-saving: don't reinvent the wheel - communities are pussycats - open source communities have strong leaders; without leaders there is no community and without the community there are no leaders

* community over code - writing code solves today's problems; supporting community solves tomorrow's problems - community needs more than coders - solutions emerge from the open collaboration of participants addressing their own needs

* understand IPR ownership - copyright is core to open source working - you can't make assumptions about code ownership - authors may change licence - do difference between licences matter? - understand licence compatibility - projects need policies for IP management

* code that can be reused is excellent code - allows community to be built - closed source need not be reused externally (?) - do we care about wide usability (?)

* staff development is important - tools chains - openness - practice

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