Knoppix is a Linux LiveCD, that is a version of Linux that runs entirely from a CD without needing to be installed harddrive. This makes it an ideal sampler or demonstration disk. Beware that changes made within knoppix are by default not saved to the harddrive, so all your work vanishes when you reboot.


The OSS Watch Knoppix CD contains the latest versions of a whole swathe of software suitable for use in an educational setting, including OpenOffice, GIMP, Bodington and Moodle. It is a live CD which lets you run the entire Linux operating system without touching your hard disk - a perfect way to try out a lot of software without affecting your existing system.

Our approach was to start with the Knoppix 4.02 CD distribution (see, strip out a whole lot of packages we didn't think educational users would want, and use the space to add useful new ones. The sort of things we removed are the development material (compilers, development libraries etc) and tools for system administrators (network diagnosis etc).

Our chief additions were

Making these work involved setting up a live Apache web server with PHP 5, the Tomcat servlet container, and the MySQL database.

If you want a copy of the CD, please contact OSS Watch and we'll be glad to send one. Alternatively you can download our current, or any of our previous, knoppix from

Have you tried it? Let us know! Edit this wiki page to add your experiences.

.deb Packages

Debian packages for various TEI and OSS Watch related software are available pre-packed in a form suitable for Knoppix at Alternatively, if you are running a Debian or derivative distribution, you can add:

to you /etc/apt/sources.list

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