Making Standards - A Cautionary Tale

This page contains notes for a presentation about developing technical standards for the Internet and World Wide Web. It is based on my own personal experiences of a failed attempt to develop a new all-encompassing standard for reliable messaging. I argue that there are areas of work being undertaken in RTS, specifically related to web portal technology, that are potentially prey to the same mistakes that characterized my earlier work in Internet standards.


1. Presentation

The presentation is here:

The slides consist of an HTML file containing the main content, plus a number of css and js files that are the "slidy" presentation system (e.g. see for both demo and explanation).

I've slightly modified the css from the W3C copy (removed their logo!), and set things up so the slides refer to the templates via relative path "../slidy/...". Thus the directory layout in the attached ZIP file. Thus you should be able to unzip into an empty directory, and open the HTML file in your browser. Similarly if you want make them available for direct HTTP viewing.

2. Original outline notes

3. References

  1. - alternative proposal for dealing with requirements giving rise to inter-portlet communication specifications.

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