A list of OSS Watch top ten activities:

* Advise on sustainability of open source projects - We provide advice to HE and FE teams who use or develop software on how to make this software sustainable through open development processes and associated business models.

* Educate the academic sector in open source issues - We write and publish online material on all aspects of open source development. Open source understanding is increasingly a job requirement in all sectors, and both academic staff and students need to understand how to engage with open source projects.

* Workshops - providing an introduction to topics relating to open source such as community development, IPR management, procurement

* Conferences - events are not just about passing on knowledge, they are also about connecting people to one another and fostering collaboration. In 2010 OSS Watch helped to organise the inaugural TransferSummit/UK conference, an event specifically designed to bring people from academia and business together to explore development and collaboration opportunities.

* Surfacing potential collaborations and knowledge exchange - the OSS Watch registry records details of open source projects of interest to the cademic sector, their software outputs and their participants. Using this registry we can track relationships between people, skills, projects and needs in order to assist with community development in the sector.

* Expert workshops - bringing together selected experts to address specific issues, such as open source procurement barriers, agile development in distributed communities, knowledge transfer techniques using open source and much more

* Supporting project bids - key funders require that bidders of software projects consider open development as a route to sustainability. OSS Watch ensure that projects are able to make a fully informed decision, and then if required, will provide ongoing support in the effective practices of open development.

* Guidance on selecting a governance model - a governance model describes how a project is managed, who does what and how decisions are made. In addition by clearly explaining how people may get involved with a project, it performs an important role in community building. OSS Watch provide documents explain the options, templates that can be easily modified and advice in selecting the most appropriate model.

* Championing open source outputs - Software that is being developed in the academic sector is often much wider applicable. OSS Watch has a proven track record in helping sustaining the open source software outputs beyond the scope of the original project, resulting in healthy open source software projects and additional funding for the institution that originally started the project.

* International collaboration - Working together with organisations and projects outside the UK strengthens projects at home both by profiting from work that is done elsewhere and by finding new partners interested in projects that are executed here. OSS Watch is working together with many partners in the EU and the US to find opportunities for the UK academic sector.

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