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All of the lecture theatres in the Said Business School have a power point and an ethernet port beneath every seat. There are also power points and ports throughout many of the common areas (foyer, bar/common room, seminar rooms), but there will not be enough for one per person. No authentication is required to access the web through these ports, but there may not be access to other internet protocols.

There will be wireless available throughout the Said Business School, you access it you will need the username and password included in the conference pack. Access is via the "OWL-VISITOR" network and subject to the Oxford University regulations. Once authenticated you should have access to a full range of internet protocols.

The wireless setup is new. If you find black or brown spots in the coverage, we and the SBS IT are keen to find them, so if you have negative experiences, could you note them here please:

IRC Chat

There is an IRC channel for this conference: #osswatch-2006-04 on the network. Some of the OSS Watch staffers will be in the channel, but we'll probably be too busy to do anything but idle during the actual conference.

Photography, Video and Audio

If you intend to record photography, video or audio, please ensure that you are not disrupting the event for speakers or attendees. Please avoid recording anyone who does not wish to recorded.

GnuPG / OpenPGP

Several attendees are already in the OpenPGP web of trust (see link below). If there is interest in a small key signing party, please contact StuartYeates. You will need to have already generated a key and be carrying two forms of government issued ID, one with a recent photo.

The web of trust is used in the open source community for secure distribution of software and secret communication of passwords and security-related bug reports.

Local eating places

Speaker and attendee generated content

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Links mentioned in talks

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