OpenSourcePortfolio (OSP) is a Java servlet based tool for hosting student portfolios. OSP 2.0 (reviewed below) and 2.1 (release for April 2005) were funded in part by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and OSP makes use of the Sakai framework.

The Open Source Portfolio Initiative (OSPI) is a community of individuals and organizations collaborating on the development of the leading non-proprietary, open source electronic portfolio software available. OSP is available to use, modify, improve under the very open Educational Community License.

Newsforge reviewed OSP and found it "...comparable to WebCT."


Newsforge also concluded: "The advantages of this approach speak for themselves. OSP is one of the best-designed content management system for education that I have seen. Its attention to the user interface means both convenience and high scalability for end users, and the integration with Sakai connects portfolios to other aspects of online learning. These advantages place OSP far ahead of its competitors, including commercial proprietary software such as WebCT. Although some might disagree, I recommend it strongly to educators, as long as they have some computer competence already and technical help to assist them in setting up the system."

See for a guided tour, demos, community, and sourcecode. The next OSP community gathering will be during Community Source Week in Vancouver (

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