Project management software could cover a number of options. So it is best to be clear about what you are looking for before you look for open source options. Perhaps this page will later become merely an index to independent pages about specific project management software. Below I've given a few examples. Feel free to edit these and add your own examples. -- RandyMetcalfe 2006-02-15 19:20:30

Project Planning

Project management is sometimes conflated with project planning. If what you want to do is to create a Gantt chart for your project, including a work breakdown structure, and a resources list which can be applied against the tasks in the work breakdown structure, then possible what you are interested in is project planning software.

An excellent open source option for this is Gnome Planner which can be used in Linux, Windows or MacOSX. A useful feature of Planner is its export to html option, great for sharing the project plan with the whole team or the wider world.

Workflow Management

If you want to be able to micro-manage the resources you are applying to tasks, to provide each with to-do lists, scheduling, file-sharing, time-tracking and more, then you are probably looking for something that is often called workflow management, collaboration tools, or groupware.

General Resources

Open and Free Project Management Tools is a useful site with an up-to-date list of available options.

Open Source Project Management Tools in Java is a similar resource dedicated specifically to java-based options.

Other tools to consider

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