Commercial closed source Current Research Information System created by Danish company Atira.

"Pure is a flexible, user-driven enterprise-class CRIS based on CERIF. It covers Grant applications, Research Income, Projects, Research Outputs, Research staff, Organisational units, External collaborations, and more. It is achieved by integrating Pure with local systems while also capturing data by work processes that ensure quality and completeness. This makes Pure a single authoritative source of quality-assured information about an institution's research affairs. Information is available at the desired level of granularity in real-time. Owners can monitor research performance by a broad range of indicators, use Pure's dashboards and reporting tools for overviews and drill-downs, make forecasts, and benchmark against world citation averages and other factors. Also a key feature is Pure's ability to collect, evaluate, and return data to national assessment exercises such as UK's Research Excellence Framework. This all makes Pure a tool for strategic managers and research support offices, but Pure is also a tool for researchers, PIs, and departmental managers - clear and recognised value is provided for these users, which furthers user-acceptance and -uptake; mission-critical factors in any CRIS project."

from http://atira.dk/en/pure/

Currently in use at (non-exhaustive)

* University of Bristol

* Queens University Belfast

* University of Bath

* University of the Highlands and Islands

* The University of Edinburgh

* King’s College London

* Glasgow Caledonian University

* Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh

* University of Dundee

* Institute of Education, London

* Aston University

* Lancaster University

* University of Hertfordshire

* University of Strathclyde

* Royal Holloway

* University of York

* University of Aberdeen

* University of St Andrews

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