SVN Can send out emails of every commit. This is really useful for keeping the community informed of what is going on in the code base and reduces the need for individual developers to report on every action they take.

To send EMail from SVN you need to:

  1. Install SVN::Notify (available in CPAN)
  2. create a file called post-commit in your [SVN/REPOS]/hooks/ directory
  3. Add the following to that file:
    •   #!/bin/sh
        /usr/local/bin/svnnotify -r $REV -C -O -d -p $REPOS -x 
  4. Test this command is correct by running the following command from within the hooks directory (replace # with a valid revision number)
    •   ./post-commit path/to/your/repos #

This will set up a basic notification message, which includes the commit log message and the changes made. However, the script can do much more than this. It can be made to insert links to issue trackers where appropriate, link to a web view of the SVN repository, restrict notifications based on regular expressions and much more. For further info see

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