Sakai Admin Notes

These are notes on admining a basic Sakai setup with shibboleth authentication.


1. Granting Admin rights to Shib users

Admin rights are need to create and populate new sites.

  1. Login as the normal user via shibboleth
  2. Log out the shibboleth user
  3. Login as a user who already has admin rights
  4. Go to "My Workspace" --> "Users" and find the "User Id" created when the user logged in via Shib. This will be a string such as "", indicating a unique user from the domain ""

  5. Go to "Realms" --> "/site/!admin" --> "Grant Ability" and enter the User Id and check the "admin" check box.

  6. Log out as admin
  7. Login as the normal user, again via shibboleth and you should have the extra options.

You can also do this with two browsers and avoid the logging out and logging in.

2. References

Sakai Permissions 2

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