Project index

Workpackage 1b – Shibboleth

Primary Developer: Graham Klyne





(1) Unit Testing Framework

Development of a servletUnit driver testing framework for portlets based on Pluto project

servletUnit driven testing framework for JSR-168 portlets

November 2005

servletUnit driven testing framework for WSRP portal

December 2005

(2) Authentication

Transfer of Shibboleth authentications via WSRP/JSR-168 to “Shib” aware portlet

Best practice guide for achieving this

Exposing Shibboleth properties via portlet session properties

Shibboleth properties extension to Pluto

Integration of Shibboleth authentication into Sakai framework (based on SPIE project work)

Shibboleth aware uPortal instance

May 2006

(3) Federation

Analysis of the infrastructure needed for rolling out a Shibboleth federation across the partner sites

Shibboleth federation within the Sakai demonstrator

September 2006

Implementation of Shibboleth federation

(4) GRID Integration

Evaluation of tools for integrating Shibboleth and PKI GRID authentication

GRID integration within Sakai demonstrator

December 2006

Implementation of suitable tools within SAKAI Demonstrator


Evaluation of PERMIS Management tools

PERMIS management within Sakai demonstrator

March 2007

Implementation of suitable PERMIS Management tools within SAKAI Demonstrator

Workpackage 2a – Search

Primary Developer: Stuart Yeates





(1) Installation of local SAKAI Instance

Installation of local SAKAI Instance

Local SAKAI Instance

September 2005

Overview of SAKAI

October 2005

(2) JSR-168, WSRP, TPP Functional Analysis

Analysis of the functional differences between the various portlet API standards

Documentation on differences and simularities between JSR-168, WSRP and TPP

December 2005

(3) Requirements

Analysis of the requirements for enhanced search tools (e.g. scripted search capability, types of repositories for searching such as bibliographic, quantitive data, e-prints etc.)

Requirements documentation

February 2006

(4) Existing Tool Analysis

Analysis of existing available tools (e.g. JAFER, CREE, SPP, MDC, ASK etc.)

Available tools report

March 2006

(5) Development of search enhancements

Building on the tools identified in (4) develop enhanced search tools including (scripted searching, notifications, search history and visualation)

Enhanced search tools portlets

September 2006


Develop the functionality for locating portlet services via registry searching for both end users and/or administrators (e.g. either total control, or moderated control)

WSRP PFB framework

March 2007

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