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Project planning meeting - 13 Mar 2006

Present: Stuart Yeates (SY), Graham Klyne (GK)

Last report: SakaiVre/PlanningProgress/20060306

This report: SakaiVre/PlanningProgress/20060313

Next meeting: 27 Mar 2006, 9:00 SakaiVre/PlanningProgress/20060327

1. Agenda

2. Activity since last report

2.1. Actions closed


[GK - 20060313] Add labels and anchors to project goals page - COMPLETED, see SakaiVre/ProjectGoals.


[SY - 20060313] Provide reference to additional inter-portlet communication work that should be taken into account in GK's inter-portlet communication note InterPortletCommunicationConsideredHarmful - COMPLETED: link provided:


[SY - 20060301 -> 20060313] Project internal mailing list - COMPLETED: now exists, with archive linked from SakaiVre.

2.2. Actions progressed

[SY - 20060306] Initial diagram of flow styles - continues.
[SY - 20060306] Set up shared platform for Sakai test/demonstrator - still awaiting final assignment of hardware.
[GK - 20060605] Port SPIE Shibboleth/WSRP to Sakai - GK has arranged a meeting with Jasper Tredgold, at ILRT, Bristol, for 22 Sep.
[GK - 20060306] Outline of search requirements from life science research - have some notes from David Shotton (Zoology), and am planning to meet with Liz Benson (Zoology) to get another view of bioinformatics search requirements. No write-up yet.

2.3. New activities and notes

3. Discussion

3.1. Information flows and searching

STUART: note SWED is based on a semantic portal system, not a blog as I said in the meeting - #g.

3.2. Inter-portlet communication

See: InterPortletCommunicationConsideredHarmful

GK noted that another requirement for web view synchronization has cropped up in the IETF, in the form of a proposal to develop a distributed multimedia syncronization protocol (DMSP) -- see SY mentioned similar requirements from online gaming, and also noted that Jabber protocols might be applicable here.

4. Summary of ongoing actions

[GK - 20060327] Look into mailing list moderation policies, and adjust to allow non-members posts to be accepted with moderation.
[GK - 20060403] Requirements and procedure to create a minimal Shibboleth deployment
  • currenrly: in discussion with Shibboleth developers
  • next week: meeting with Jasper Tredgold
[SY - 20060306] Initial diagram of flow styles
[SY - 20060313] Distillation of C P Snow observations
[SY - 20060327] Analysis of search requirements
[GK - 20060306] Outline of search requirements from life science research
[SY - 20060306] Set up shared platform for Sakai test/demonstrator
[GK/SY - 20060313] Install Sakai
[GK - 20060605] Port SPIE Shibboleth/WSRP to Sakai:
  1. [20060403] Conduct handover/briefing from Jasper
  2. [20060703] (Sakai installation dependency, Sakai Shibboleth authentication dependency) Install Shibboleth/WSRP software locally, and convert to work with Sakai
[GK - 20060703] Add Shibboleth authentication to Sakai
  1. [20060313] Arrange discussion with SPIE team for advice on Shibboleth-enabling a web application
  2. [20060413] Determine requirements to run member of Shibboleth federation
  3. [20060403] Install Shibboleth toolkit
  4. [20060605] (Sakai installation dependency) Link Sakai authentication to Shibboleth
[GK - 20060327] Investigate Sakai background technolgies (Spring, JSF)

5. Notes for next meeting

(Matters arising following the meeting)

-- GrahamKlyne 2006-03-13 15:21:55

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