Progress Report 4

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1. Search Tools (2a)

The search tool work package was initial delayed to concentrate on the authentication and authorisation work package (1b). CREE/Jaffer search portlet has been deployed locally. It has been integrated lightly rather than deeply with the Sakai framework, with most of the difficulties being in relation to which database back-end is in use. Simple internationalisation tests confirm that a range of character sets appear to be correctly handled.

The version of the portlet that has been used appears to no longer be the latest version. The latest version of the portlet has been requested from the CREE project and needs to be integrated. It is anticipated that this will be easy since no significant updates appear to have been made.

2. Authentication (1b)

possible future work:

-- StuartYeates 2007-01-29 12:10:36

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