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Sakai Usage Observations

... or why we don't use the Sakai VRE for our own work.

Personal notes only - no official status - work in progress


1. Usability issues

  1. I have noticed, using the Sakai collaboration server, that the user interface is very inefficient in its use of screen space (especially with Javascript disabled, it appears): text is squashed into windows occupying small regions of the available screen area, while other areas remain blank. Give me separate browser windows anyday! (e.g.

  2. The mailing list archive browser is excruciatingly slow to display and refresh, and doesn't offer any obvious advantages over regular web-based mailing list archive presentation. (e.g. when logged in; also this just hangs, or doesn't work, when Javascript is disabled.)

  3. Sakai breaks the browser "back" button. When viewing a message in a mailing list archive, normal web behaviour would be for the "back" button to return to the list of messages. This is not what happens. (e.g., at, click on a message to view it, then click on the browser's "back" button.)

  4. It's worse than that! Although Sakai maintains archives of email discussion lists, those archives are accessible *only* via the portal, and there appears to be no way to link to a specific email message. How lame is that!

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