SakaiVre index

Sakai VRE demonstrator user requirements

This page contains notes about the requirements of VRE users.


1. General

Cross-research-domain requirements.

[Some of these may later be moved to domain-specific areas.]

2. Specific domains

(Requirements that seem to be specific to a domain)

2.1. Humanities

3. Proposed VRE tools

4. Other comments

6. Conclusions

Does it really make sense to substitute the term e-research for e-science? There appears to be quite a large difference between the requirements of science and humanities researchers with respect to what they want from a VRE. Do these requirements really lead to a common system or is it a case of seeing just nails when the tool we have is a chainsaw? (Matthew Dovey made a point about this, the details of which I have mentally mislaid.)

[More... that should be just the first of many.]

7. References

  1. - IBVRE initial requirements analysis report

  2. - BVREH Interim user survey report.

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