Customisation options for the Oxford installed Sakai VRE

Ideas and plans for customisations to the Oxford installed Sakai VRE. Feeding into this are SakaiVre/UserRequirements, SakaiVre/BioinformaticSearchRequirements and to a lesser extent SakaiVre/SearchDataModelling. There are five main thrusts of the customisation.


Branding is important for several reasons. It differentiates the site from other sites, promoting awareness of when users are leaving a site without the need for intrusive double clicking (this is obviously more important for link-rich sites than walled gardens) and encourages users to form a implicit model of the site and what it's about. It also identifies the site's associations (in this case to Oxford, OUCS and the RTS). It also indicates investment in a site, that it hasn't just been used "out of the box."

There are a number of Oxford specific branding options, most of which are listed at, including inclusion in local search engines (which can access and index pages that google can't reach) and the university crest and colours.

Removal of portlets

Removal (or disabling) of portlets from the standard install naturally focuses attention on the remaining portlets. The mailing list portlet is a prime candidate.

Enabling of provisional portlets

SAKAI installs a number of provisional tools which are not enabled by default. Candidates for enabling include: Open Source Portfolio (OSP), Search and TwinPeaks (a connector for the OKI OSID repositories).

Addition of portlets

There are number of portlets from external sources which are likely to be worth including, the primary contender for this is likely to be JAFER, building on the work and the other portals dealt with by the CREE project at Hull.

Addition of content (help documents, for example)

While including documents within the portal is possible, it seems likely that using our current document store (i.e. the OSS Watch wiki) is likely to be as advanatageous and possibly more stable.

Development of new portals

For the search work package it seems likely that some new search-related development or customisation will be likely.

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