This is a list of our stakeholders (based on earlier team contributions)

Shortlist of key stakeholders

Project staff (Academic, Administrative, Technical)

Strategic projects (Sakai, OpenCast, Wookie, WebPA etc)


Academic software authors


External developers

Knowledge transfer staff

Learners of open source development (students, work-based)

e-Research/ Research Infrastructure developments (incl. e-Research South consortium)

Stakeholder categories by sector


transfer units, BECTA, etc. The sub-categories of "technical managerial", "technical", and "managerial administrative" would apply here as well.

Private Sector

People working for private sector companies, as consultants, and so on. People in this category who attend OSS Watch events are often doing work for the education sector. In future, OSS Watch may accept attendees with no educational connections at all, for a fee. The sub-categories of "technical managerial" and "technical" would apply here as well.


Representatives of organisations or companies with interests and expertise in open source software, who may attend in an observational role. They may have an interest in how OSS Watch conducts its events; they will not usually be attending to learn, as their expertise may be similar or greater than OSS Watch's. Examples would be staff from the Open Source Consortium and Red Hat Ltd.


Stakeholder categories by role


As before, these are academic staff or students.

Senior Technical/Technical Managers/Strategic and Advisory

People with either senior, and somewhat managerial or strategic, technical posts (architects, heads of ICT, etc.), or heads of technically-oriented projects. I also include consultants in this category, or people with a technical, broadly advisory and strategic position (e.g. e-Learning Advisor).

Technical Staff/Developers

People with specifically technical roles.

Non-Technical Managerial/Administrative

As above, people with a non-technical role, but whose work may touch on areas of strategy, law, intellectual property, etc.

Interested Parties

Other sorts of researchers, people involved in open source, etc.

Stakeholders random list


Project staff

Each project has:

Regional Support Centres (RSC)

Strategic projects

These are a small number of projects that OSS Watch consider important for the future of OS development in UK HE and FE, and to which we plan to allocate a small amount of resources (no more than 0.2FTE) to build project community. By focusing our support on community building, project leadership is not bound in any way by our advice and, in turn, we are able to withdraw our support at any time if our strategies and those of the project diverge.


JISC's priority area funding 2010-12 cf JISC's draft strategy

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