Here is a template letter detailing the terms of our involvement with strategic projects

Dear X,

Thanks for meeting with OSS Watch on [date] in [location]. I found it to be a very informative meeting. During the meeting I explained the role of “strategic projects” within OSS Watch. As discussed an OSS Watch strategic project is one that receives an investment of resources from our team, over and above the advisory assistance that we provide to the UK academic community as a whole.

Our engagement with a strategic project is as a community member in an open development project [1]. This means that we do not guarantee a given level of resource, instead we engage with the project if and when we feel that it serves the needs of OSS Watch and the project community as a whole. It is therefore helpful if I indicate what OSS Watch seeks to gain from our involvement:

It is also important to stress the kinds of activities we do and do not undertake within strategic projects:

I'm pleased to confirm that [project name] has been assigned strategic project status. As such we have allocated approximately half a day per week for the foreseeable future to your work. We look forward to working with you in the [project name] community.

Yours Sincerely

  1. Avoiding abandon-ware -

  2. Open Development Governance Models -

  3. Community Tools -

  4. How to build an open source community -

  5. Sustainable Open Source -

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