Informal openness evaluation of Study Bar

With Study Bar Southampton ECS aim to build an application to replace the TechDis Toolbar and to supplement other tools like those provided by Google and Firefox. To help staff and students irrespective of their skills and abilities when they are interacting with information environments. StudyBar is implemented as Cross browser set of tools and services which may have much wider potential as an open development project (already some interest).

This informal analysis of openness follows that used in A 2007 overview of JISC projects in terms of openness.

Governance and leadership

Single institution or team - Sebastian Skuse is the only developer with some input from EA and other ECS team members.


No website or wiki use in Google Code.


Software that supports accessibility and e-Learning

Semi-open (aims to produce open source software but not quite there).

A google code project accessibility-toolkits has been created and is shared with other projects for from group. Currently only SVN is used. Internally the project use a private ticket system.


Web: HTML etc, DOM

Relationship between projects

Uses on Client: * Firefox * GreaseMonkey

Use on Server: * PHP * Festival text To Speech


Need to make it easier for users and developers to quickly evaluate the project and decide if they want to engage.

Improve community management

Minimise demand on the developer - make it easy for self service

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