jMemorize is a flashcard application to aid memorization through spaced repetition. It uses the well-known Leitner system. Most typically used to assist language learning, jMemorize could nonetheless be used to facilitate any flashcard based learning.

jMemorize is licensed under the GPL. It is written in Java and is thus operating system independent. It works just as well in Windows as in Linux.


Version 1.0 does not enable users to add special characters (such as accented letters) directly via its interface, but this may be overcome by switching between English and non-English keyboards when creating new cards.

To switch between keyboard layouts using Windows XP, open up the Control Panel and double-click on the 'Regional and Language Options' icon. Next, select the 'Languages' tab and click on the 'Details' button. In the 'Text Services and Input Languages' box, click the 'Add' button and select your target language from the list provided. You should then ensure that the 'Language Bar Settings' are set so that the languages icon is visible on the desktop. When you wish to enter characters specific to the language you are trying to learn, click on the taskbar language option, and select your target language. You might wish to print out an image of the keyboard used in this langauge so you can see where the special characters are and what other keys have changed position.

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