Project Financial, Accounting and Costing Tool

Commercial closed source software originally developed by Allocate Software

In late 2010 Unit4 bought pFact from Allocate with an agreement that Allocate would continue to provide technical support for the next 12 months.

JISCMail hosts a pFact Users mailing list

which contains much interesting information.

In use at (non-exhaustive):

* University of York

* University of Cambridge

* Lancaster University

* University of Bedfordshire

* University of Plymouth

* University of Greenwich

* Aston University

* Leeds Metropolitan University

* University of Glasgow

* Durham University

* Queen Margaret University

* University of the Arts

* University of Bournemouth

* University of Surrey

* Queen's Belfast

* University of Nottingham

* Royal Holloway, University of London

* University of Sunderland

* Oxford Brookes University

* University of East Anglia

* Newcastle University

* University of Central Lancashire


* Keele University

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