May 2010


Title: Community Management Tips

Community management is not easy - otherwise every project would have a vibrant community of contributers. It's hard to get a community together and keep it going. In this podcast we'll discuss some ideas for what works and what does not and some useful resources.

Discussion Points


This section includes links to resources that we used to research this podcast.

April 2010


Title: Project Governance

Establishing a governance model for your project is, according to many, critical to its open source success. We often hear people say that ‘It’s too early’ to formally describe your project’s governance at project start up but that is actually the perfect time to draw up a governance model. Detailing responsibilities and describing how decisions are made does not lead to a situation where a project team loses control, quite the opposite, it enables the project team to clearly set out the way in which the project will operate. It also helps to develop an engaged and open community where everyone knows what is going on and potential contributors know exactly what to expect.

In this podcast we'll discuss:

Discussion Points

What is a Governance Model?

"If you want to do something and you have demonstrated to the community that you are trustworthy and you have this merit then we will try and give you the environment to let you do the things you want to do".'" - Meritocrats Justin Erenkrantz on the ASF support of meritocracies

Why do we need a governance model?

"I am not going to collaborate on something that I don't feel any sense of belonging to… There is no open development if I cannot influence and have my say in what we do and what we are trying to build. That is not open development, that is free labour!" - Gianugo Rabellino on why a lack of a governance model may limit the payback from open sourcing your code

Is it open source if it doesn't have a governance model?

"To me open development really is what open source [has always] been. So, open source was intended as a development methodology, as a way to build artefacts, which happen to be software, in a collaborative way which is based on transparency, on meritocracy and on neutrality [over ownership] and you need all of them" - Gianugo Rabelino on open development as a key part of open source.

"You are really starting to see perhaps not a split but kind of two camps: you have the open source but on the other hand you have the open development." Justin Erenkrantz reiterates that open source does not necessarily mean open development

What should be in a governance model?

Next steps


This section includes links to resources that we used to research this podcast.

Production Process

Where T indicates the publication date of the podcast (the second Monday of the month):

  1. Show notes (T - 28)
    1. Define theme and working title
    2. Collate initial resources
    3. Define 3-6 key questions
    4. Bullet point answers
    5. 1-3 quotes about the topic
  2. Pre-Production (T - 21)
    1. Define roles (Newbie and expert)
    2. Review materials in show notes
  3. Recording (T - 14)
    1. 20 minutes chatting over wine
    2. 10-20 minutes recording podcast
  4. Editing (T - 7)
    1. Mark audio with labels for start of topic, interesting quote and beeps (T - 10)
    2. Remove "errs" and "beeps" etc.
  5. Post production (T - 3)
    1. record introduction
    2. add introduction to edited podcast
    3. add standard intro/outro
    4. write RSS entry (including show notes)
  6. Publish
    1. Blog post
    2. News item


Our podcast will be:

I imagine we'd do something like 15-25 minutes then edit it down.

The goal of the OSS Watch podcast series is to:

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